Fluffy vest – Hit this autumn!

In the new season, there are so many things that come back to fashion that sometimes it’s hard to follow trends, but you can not miss the fact that the fluffy vests are more up-to-date and wearing them is as a fashion law for the cold months this year.

If you are still wondering whether to buy this fashionable find or you have it already, but you need some inspiration to combine it and how to wear it – well, you are in the right place. With the photos below, I will show you some ideas for wearing this stylish outfit that will turn you into queens of urban fashion.
















New hairstyle trend

Mermaid-like hair, which is a combination of several bright colors – pink, purple, blue and green, has been a hit in hairstyles in recent months, but have not we seen enough of it? If you think the bright colors should remain in the past, then this new trend will like to you.

Black hair with gray hues















How wonderful a shade is blue-gray. Not quite gray, this hair has a slightly smoky look that makes her so beautiful.


This hairstyle is beautiful, stylish and ideal for the autumn-winter season.