Watch actress dancing on a funny afternoon while on high heels and a silver Wetlook Leggings.

White shirt with a silver Wetlook Leggings on high heels, what can I say, what a perfect combination on an afternoon like this one.

Dancing to a song from Bird Creek (Highway Wildflowers)

I guess she finds it really comfortable dancing while on high heels
The sexiest part of this video was her climbing the tree while she dances and swings her legs.

Actress Ann, searching for her hairdresser.

Ann in this video, made me have a thought that her hairdresser was gone maybe dead since the shop was burnt down.
Ann in her high heels and a black shiny wetlookleggings, drove the car and packed, at first, my thought was where was she heading, you know I could see grasses all around her, I was scared for her, I know if her boyfriend was watching he would have felt the same as me, not until I saw her moves into a burnt down building and asking if anyone was in there.
It was a nice, I love the high heels and a black shiny wetlookleggings, I think I will have to get them for my girlfriend.