Week of Olsen Twins – 5 interesting facts about MKA


mka1****They were 9 months old when they got the part of Michelle Tanner on Full House.

They won against 20 different infants since they were the only two

who didn’t cry during the auditions.****


mka1****Mary-Kate and Ashley

became the youngest Hollywood producers in 1992.

They were only on 6.****


mka2*****Their ethnicity is rather varied:

Norwegian, English, German,

1/8th Italian, distant French!****



mka5****Ashley beats Mary-Kate

in age by a


two minutes!*****


mkastar****Mary-Kate and Ashley

were the first twins

to get a star together

on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2004.****


Ann: Always ready, to do exciting photoseries!

Introduction of the photographer Ann

After some tec trouble with a hacked webaccount – Samy’s finest is ready for new articles. First series after the restart is with photomodel and actress Ann with the series “Introduction of the photographer Ann”. Next series with more photomodels are following soon, soon as possible 🙂

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Week of Olsen Twins – New York Minute

nymPart of the last joint movie on Olsen twins –

New York Minute.

The teen comedy is released on May 7, 2004. 

In the film

Mary-Kate and Ashley

play twins with contradicting identities

who have a many misadventures around New York City. 

We, from Shantal, strongly recommend to watch it!

Guaranteed – you will love it!

I like it!

King Rocky and Lady Ann – the race

Today Ann and her dog Rocky are happy todo for Shantal’s valued blogsurfer the race in wilderness … first a short car drive and then the race .. Ann’s fashion are shiny leather leggings and highest racing high heels – let’s watch the short excursion of the both.

Week of Olsen twins – All movies


For Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can say a lot. They have already managed to shoot in dozens of films ,they have become the youngest Hollywood producers , they have built incredibly successful fashion empire and have become icons of style for people who are watching theirs comedy in the 90s. Here are all the films on Olsen twins in a short video: