Run away, as fast as you can. An essay by Yoana from Life without rules blog

The first meetings are like a job interview. You try to learn as much about the man as you can ,to see if you have a future with him. If you can listen and pay attention to the important details, you do not need any research questions. Just listen his favourite themes. If these are among them, you will be better without that man.

 His ex-girlfriend
Ex relationships in each case are misleading. If he does not stop analyzing his life at the date, it is an alert signal. It seems as if it’s anchored in his previous relationship. Are you sure you want to listen to him how does he complain about his ex, and you to turn into a shoulder ,on which he to cry?

Material girls
“The only goal of all women is to seduce a rich man and use his credit card”. If he does not stop repeating this – it’s not for you. This may indicate that he is greedy, and also you must constantly prove that you are not interested from “his wallet”.

His mother
To lovе your mother is wonderful, but there must be boundaries in demonstration, especially during the first date. May be for you will be difficult to build a relationship ,in which she does not interfere. Think about whether you want to have a relationship with a man for whom his mother’s word is on first place.

His muscles
Does he try too much to demonstrate that he is physically strong in front of you? He has telling you stories about how he’s hit someone? This does not mean, that he will be aggressive to you, but this behavior can still cause individual problems.

Physical beauty
A man who does not stop talking to you about what would be perfect woman, what must her shapes should be and how she should dress – it’s not for you. It’s better not to be with this guy because he’s trying to change you to fit his idea.

Of course we should try to accept the small deficiencies of the man beside us. Still no one is perfect. But these shortcomings are not small in importance. On the contrary! For this, if you come across a man with any of these features, you better run…far!

Turtleneck – one of the favorite garment of autumn

Autumn is definitely the time for fashion experiments, because we can afford to put on more clothes, try the new trends and be a bit brave with our choices.

There is a garment that has long been in fashion podiums – it’s his Majesty Turtleneck. In most cases, we do not associate it with anything very stylish, elegant and feminine, but today I will show you how to wear the warm and cozy turtleneck in the cold months with style!


Let’s style with fishnet stockings

It  is hard to point toward the exact moment when fishnet stockings appeared, but one thing is sure, and that is the fact that they are still highly fashionable even after decades of existence. Because the fishnets allow the eyes to see the skin and curves of the body, which makes them a very sexy and provocative clothing item, many people believe that fishnets started to be a fashion item when the Moulin Rouge girls began wearing them. This was happening back at the beginning of the 1900s, so that’s more than 100 years ago. Still, images of women in those days did not show the fact that they preferred fishnet stockings, black stockings and vertically stripped ones being present in most photos, so there’s no real connection between the fishnets and the Moulin Rouge girls.

In time, fishnet stockings got a rather bad reputation, as they were part of the outfit of the pin-up girls and print porn photography models of the 50s. Then, in the 70s, the punks and goths were seen wearing this clothing item, because it was the best way to show that mainstream is not what they were looking after. Madonna made them famous in the 80s, together with other netted accessories, such as gloves, tops, and bodysuits. And, starting with the 90s, they appeared in the fashion collections of numerous designers, like Marchesa, Alexander Wang, and Cushie et Ochs, passing from a controversial piece of clothing to something anywhere can wear when it comes to fashion.

So, you don’t have to wear fishnet stockings with short skirts, if you don’t feel like it because there are quite a few ways to wear them and create the look that fits with your style and personality. If you really want to respect the trends, wear fishnet stockings with a pair of ripped jeans. It is a great style for colder days, as you can complete the outfit with a pair of ankle boots and a nice jacket. In case you like jeans with big holes in them, don’t be afraid to go for them either, because they’ll be a great companion for fishnets.

You can also demolish the myth that fishnets are for “loose” women only, by wearing them with a feminine, but casual, dress, a denim jacket, sneakers, and very many bracelets, for a cool grunge look. If you dare, you can even opt for a ripped pair of fishnets to this outfit. A more discreet way to wear fishnets is to roll your pants up a little so that your ankles and fishnets are visible. If you want to be comfier, you can easily choose sneakers, although high heels are also appropriate. In the summer, you can wear fishnet stockings with short denim pants, sneakers, cropped top, and knitted cardigan, in case you’re going out in the evening and it tends to be rather chilly. And it is also a great choice when you feel like dressing in a feminine way, as fishnets go great with a black dress, especially the fine-meshed ones, and a pair of ankle boots.

Yo: Walking true the development

Yo, blogger from “Life without rules” walks true the development building at marash castle

Shantal’s directlinkservice (you can click on the image above or the link below):

In this youtube video dancer Yoana is walking and dancing true the development project in sexy high boots – high heels and black shiny/wetlook leggings with a friendly smiling! Music “Cataclysmic Molten Core”