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The Joy of Laughter

Many of us have the solution to a forever-young heart and beautiful life, but we are not aware of it. We are talking about laughter, the best therapy that is out there and is so widely available, the only sad part in this is that we don’t know how to access it. Children, who don’t yet know the worries and struggles of life, laugh more often than adults. Thus, if a toddler enjoys more than 100 sessions of laughter in a day, an adult has, on average, only 40. These numbers actually show just sad our lives are, and how full of stress, instead of remembering about the joy of laughter. So, speaking of laughter, how often do you laugh in a day?

Every person is born with the miracle of laughter embedded in his or her DNA. It is the cure within ourselves that makes us feel better on an instant, which smooths our foreheads after a long and hard day and is so capable of protecting our health, both mental and physical health. Do you feel more alive when you laugh? It’s like every cell of your body vibrates in an incredible way. Laughter is also the best method for bringing people together. It can turn two strangers into two friends, as it strengthens our bonds and makes the time spent in the company of others much more enjoyable. It is even recommended, for the sake of your mental well-being, not to take yourself seriously all the time and to be capable of laughing at your mistakes and embarrassing moments. It is normal to make mistakes and stumble now and then, so there’s no reason to make a big deal out of them.

When we laugh, we actually reconnect with ourselves once again and enjoy life to the fullest, this is why it is so good to laugh as often as possible. You also feel more optimistic and your level of hope rises, so no matter what challenge comes your way, you know that there’s a solution for it out there. Also, people who enjoy laughing are more likely to notice the opportunities that appear in their lives, knowing that when life closes a door, it will soon open a window for them. So, laughter helps us change our perspective on life, allowing us to keep in mind that sun does come after a rainy day.

Having all these in mind, do not hesitate to enjoy a moment that can bring laughter into your life. Play games with your family and friends, share a good joke, watch a comedy or read a comic book, and do everything you can to make sure that laughter has enough room in your life. When you laugh often, your attitude and state of mind will also change and your life quality will significantly improve because you will be more capable of seeing the bright side of things. The best way to start the day is by having a good laugh, so do try to remember this every morning, giving yourself the chance to tune the right mood for the entire day.

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