Yo’s vidanswer to the searching of the #panamapapers !

Yesterday Ann from Shantal-Blog wrote about her commitment as special agent to search the Panamapapers. After a hot call from Samy she started the search and found the papers in a hulk! But before Ann gets her information from Shantal, i get also a call from Samy and started the paperssearch. After a short car driving i found a computerstick. What do you think? OMG – on the stick there are all documents, called the #panamapapers !! So not special agent Ann, i found the Panamapapers. And now – let’s watch the short, nice searching video with the title “Yo found the Panamapapers!” – have fun with this!! Next time i will post videos on Shantl with “Yo found latest Dino” and “Yo found cooking idea and makes a great dinner” – so what do you think?

At the request of the Gossipmaster i have done this post 🙂

Victoria Beckham: Excited! My secret with James Corden!

Do you remember, the Carpool Karaoke with James Corden? ‘All I Want for Christmas’ Carpool Karaoke


Victoria Beckham isn’t (just) doing Carpool Karaoke, after all — it’s so much better than that.

The former Spice Girl teased “top secret filming” on Instagram the other day, revealing herself in the familiar Carpool Karaoke car with James Corden. Turns out, this was just one portion of a larger sketch the pair put together as the “remake no one asked for” of Mannequin.


Excited! My secret filming with JKCorden airs tonight on the latelateshow! X vb


Oh Charlie! Charlie and his new film ‘Mad Families’

Charlie Sheen discussed his return to movie making following his four-year film hiatus, and opened up about life as a father and grandfather, in an interview with Michael Strahan that aired today on “Good Morning America.”

here was for some hours the official interview with Charlie – now  the vid is removed from the “Good Morning America” editor or somebody else ? Interesting….

Charlie, thanks for the interview. Enough talked. Now, let’s hear, what his new filmpartner Charlotte talk’s to people:

Charlotte McKinney visits Access Hollywood Live’s Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover to chat about her role opposite Leah Remini, Charlie Sheen and Naya Rivera in Crackle’s new movie, “Mad Families.” What was Charlie Sheen like on set? “Mad Families” premieres January 12 on Crackle.

And now? Now have a look to the Mad Families trailer:

Charlie’s back !!

Charlie Sheen looks 65?

Corasher the result of AIDs and drug abuse?

Yeah guess you’re right it’s just he looks so old…he could now easily be Jon Cryer’s father, who looks very Healthy completely different than Sheen?


Happy National Technology Day!

Every day is a holiday – means Carrie and today is the happy National Technology Day!

Enough told – now it is time, for a little bodywork

And then, back to the technology work – because it is the happy National Technology Day (said Cerrie).