Coherent concept ideas with Elizabeth in february 2018

Sexy Elizabeth

high heels with spikes and shiny black leggings
in busy office

When it comes to february, then it needs a coherent concept and that is the best way for busy Elizabeth
to think about new ideas for the blogwork at Shantal. The process works well with high heels and shiny trousers ..

Best ideas!
high heels, green color, matching to the blouse;
the heels with spikes for all things you think
and a very shiny black legging (wetlook leggings)
the perfect atmosphere for new ideas ..

and later a nice telephone call with
Shantal’s blog management to discuss all the new ideas for february 2018

Youth can not stay seated!

Jen Selter in winter with home-pet
In the airplane “American Airline” flight in standby modus on airport:


Everyone stays seated, we lift off right away, but when that is, only the tower knows


Yeah, not beauty Jen Selter! She can not seat all the time, waiting for the start …..

Shantal’s directlink-service

Read the complete story here

Fitness enthusiast and Instagram model Jen Selter was kicked off an American Airlines flight when she and her sister got into a verbal altercation with flight crew. The 24-year-old and her sibling were waiting on a flight from Miami to La Guardia in New York but it was delayed for 90 minutes because of a …

A nice Shantal blog review by Glenda

It was a very boring day when I got nothing to entertain myself. I was too much obsessed because of my dull regular routine which is just about work, eat and sleep. Then I just turned on my laptop and start browsing the internet. I was just searching for some informative and fun blogs to have a good time with my reading skills. There I got this blog I found it very unique and different than other blogs. Its theme of ideas attracted me too much. This thing compels my mind to start reading the blog into the depth. There I got a variety of blogs to read out loud in my mind while enjoying the whole scenario.

Here are some highlights out of my choice for this blog:

Shantal’s The Kelly Show

While scrolling down the page, I got a link for “The Kelly show”. That was the lucky time to found out this fabulous show. I have started watching it. I enjoyed it a lot even I can’t express in my words. Simply, this show turned my mood on. The host of the show entertained me a lot with different dance steps and interesting gossips. I also got the idea of having outstanding outfit same as the kelly’s outfit. She was wearing the beautiful High heels which attracted me throughout the show. I’ll say, one should watch this show to have some good time like I had have.

Shantal’s Video Party:

The video party link was the most interesting link I clicked on. There were some models doing dance steps and a decent fashion walk in these videos. The most amazing thing was that they were doing the dance in High heels. These dance steps amazed me a lot even I started to watch the videos, again and again, to try them by myself. The dance and weather conditions were a just fantastic combo to attract the viewers. Whereas the music was also of high quality and right choice entertained my hearing capabilities.

Shantal’s Real Cooking for All:

This blog was most touching to me as a being female. There is no one more conscious than a female for their diet to get a beautiful figure. There were many models with their diet plans and some tips too. I got many ideas out of these plans and merged them into mine’s diet plan which was too much beneficial at the moment. Even there I got the simplest recipe of boiled rice. The funniest thing was the dinner which was captioned by “If you don’t have ideas for dinner…always you can eat”. It was too much fun for me. I laughed on it so badly. You must check it out to have some good time for your soul.

Overall, I will recommend this blog to all because it does have a variety of things in it to spend a good time. Whenever you get fed up with your daily hectic routine, just give time to this blog to have some happy and laughing moments.


Back into the office

Photomodel Ursula, back in the office

There is much work to do and Ursula always works with a nice smile
also wearing office biz high heels and today her sexy in pantyhose packed legs

Ups, what is this?
Ursula put here high heels to the desk for a small break and smiling to the camera!

And now, back to the office-work ..




© 2016

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution

Have you noticed how among you there are people who, to such an extent, have filled their heads with negativism that it is difficult to find a positive thought there. You can meet such types of personalities in your family, at work, and even in your social circles. It is quite possible that you feel emotionally exhausted when they are close to you.

It is better to avoid this type of people or at least as far as you can afford it. Really, be strong and do not let them suppress you. Deliberately avoiding the negativity of others does not mean that you feel bad feelings about them. On the contrary, it is just priority for you that you feel good. Some people have the habit of stirring up controversy and creating drama without having a significant cause. If someone attacks you with a hostile attitude, do not give it back. Keep calm and avoid confrontation by answering calmly and steadily. Be an example of a balanced personality. Do not pay attention to the rough attitude on the other side and focus on your kindness. Let your thoughts be filled with peace, love and good intentions. Use your words to inspire, to encourage, to learn and to educate the surrounding tolerance and understanding … and just stay away from the drama! Stop giving others the right to questionable your own dreams and aspirations. These people suppress your potential and motivation. When people try to suppress your dreams, predetermine your future, criticize you and, most of all, deny the person you are, they actually present you their own sad story, not yours. If the person doing this is actually yourself or your self-criticism, try to get rid of all the negative thoughts at least until the end of the day. You will see that when you do this often, your life will change. You do not need negativity. The only thing that can bring you is suffering.

So, we from Shantal ,really like this thought: ″Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution!″ .  Try to follow it and you will feel more better and confidence!  Because life is a crazy journey, and with negativity, nobody has gone far!