Travel as a hitchhiker

Video: preview of student Alex as Hitchhiker with a lot of load

Travel as a hitchhiker: advantages and disadvantages

Our world is beautiful and many people dream of traveling to places and seeing things. But, as you may know, traveling can be rather expensive because no matter what transportation means you choose, you will need money to buy your ticket. Some travelers found a more accessible way to reach their desired destinations, without worrying too much about their budget. We are talking about hitchhiking. So, what does it feel like to travel as a hitchhiker? While there are a few who traveled on long distances this way, which meant that they enjoyed traveling at very low costs, you need to be aware of not just the advantages of this method, but also its disadvantages and risks.

Hitchhiking means to ask people to give you a ride, this means that you’ll have to deal with very many strangers. The reason people opt for this method, especially young and adventurous people, is that, in most cases, hitchhiking is free. Helpful people that want to give you a helping hand by offering you a ride usually don’t ask for money, but do be prepared to pay a small amount if you are asked. But, considering that you’ll end up inside a car with a total stranger, even a foreigner if you are traveling abroad, some consider hitchhiking crazy and risky. If you are traveling with someone, then the risks as smaller, as you have the chance to help each other. But if you travel alone and you’re hitchhiking, then you should keep your eyes peeled for any potential dangers. People can be strange, no matter what part of the world you are visiting, so the fact that they are willing to help you with a ride doesn’t necessarily mean that they are also good people.

So, the advantages of hitchhiking are that it is cheap, even free, and that it offers a real-life adventure, as you’ll travel bit by bit and stopping in a variety of places. But, what are the disadvantages of hitchhiking? Well, first of all, you should be quite patient because there will be cases in which you will have to wait for a good while for a ride. You see, not all people are keen on taking strangers in their cars, so it takes courage from their side as well to give you a ride. Also, you may end up having to face bad weather, since hitchhiking doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a ride at the desired time of the day. And there is always the risk of coming across an ill-intended person, so do refuse a ride if you notice anything strange and stay safe at all times.

Remember to keep an open mind when hitchhiking, as you will end up meeting very many people. If you are traveling abroad, you will get in contact with people coming from various cultures, so you should be easy-going and tolerant at all times. Knowing foreign languages could be useful, but it is not mandatory as there are quite a few ways to communicate your desired destination to anyone willing to take you along.

The Haul?

The grandpa’s haul for a short part time – in combination with other bunnies

from the Hefner-lodge. And now, he is the hunted!

Karen McDougal, Los Angeles, CA on October 1, 2011 –
Photo by Glenn Francis of

Always a good idea: the jump



This is always, also in summer, a very good idea – up in the nature to do
the girls jump – high to the sky – very classic jump in high heels
what else want Shantal, isn’t it!

The girlsjump – high to the sky in high heels was done by
photomodel Jiya from India.