Jimmy Kimmel in 2017?

+++ 2017 seems to be a good year for US comedian Jimmy Kimmel. Because on Monday there were two news for the 49-year-old: He first confirmed via Twitter next February the Oscar ceremony to be allowed to moderate. And finally he gave in his TV show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Announced that his wife, Molly McNeary, 38, was pregnant with the second child. +++

Record penalty for cruise company


WASHINGTON (USA) – Due to environmental pollution, Princess Cruise Lines is being asked to pay a sum of $ 40 million to the cruise company, one of its ships leaving for the sea.

The $ 40 million is the highest penalty ever imposed in the US for willful pollution of ships.

source: Blick.ch and wikipedia


one of the ship series of Princess Cruise Lines

The Internet of Things


Shantal, Heating booths, bread baskets, coffee machines: The net is full of things, which only make nonsense. No man needs. The Internet of Things is a huge pile of shit, says Clemens Gleich (who is this man?).

In the last few months even the biggest fetishists of nonsense machines have been able to develop a hateless hatred on the “Internet of Things”. Botnets of a size never known fell on server farms like the biblical plague with the grasshoppers.

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The last days?

Shantal – Air Berlin – “Blue Sky” – unter diesem Namen soll in Kürze die neue Airline von Air Berlin, Tuifly und Etihad starten. Die Flügelreederei Air Berlin bewegt sich unter schwierigen Marktbedingungen und kämpft um das Überleben!

shantals-shoesMarode Fluglinie: Air Berlin steht ohne Kapitalpolster da

Air Berlin rutscht immer tiefer in die Krise. Die marode Fluglinie hat bereits mehr als eine Milliarde Euro Schulden angehäuft..




Donald Troll


For more than a year, Americans were glued to their smartphones as Donald J. Trump tweeted and retweeted misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic speech. It was not a strategy that any digital campaign expert would ever advise. Often, it felt more like a reality-show stunt than a real campaign.

But it worked …

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The Twins of D. Trump in europe


As Western Europe gears up for a string of elections over the next year, right-wing parties are seizing on Donald Trump’s victory as proof that a strong nationalistic stance against trade and immigration will propel them into power.

  1. Croatia
  2. Hungary
  3. Poland
  4. Slovenia

there are already rightest goverments! And next year the party goes on inshantals-shoes

  1. Austria with Norbert Hofer
  2. Netherland
  3. France
  4. Old Germany and so on …

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