A new blog review from Petra, Mel and Mustafa

The three knowing since one week – they take an english language course in Madrid. They were so friendly and wrote a blogreview about Shantal.org – so the authors are (from left to right) Petra, Mustafa and Mel. And here it is the review:   A REVIEW ON SHANTAL.ORG Mustafa: Nothing sells quite like bad … Read moreA new blog review from Petra, Mel and Mustafa

Yo’s vidanswer to the searching of the #panamapapers !

Yesterday Ann from Shantal-Blog wrote about her commitment as special agent to search the Panamapapers. After a hot call from Samy she started the search and found the papers in a hulk! But before Ann gets her information from Shantal, i get also a call from Samy and started the paperssearch. After a short car … Read moreYo’s vidanswer to the searching of the #panamapapers !

Watch Actress Ann as she catwalk for Shantal, while in wetlookleggings and a highboots.

  Ann, who is known to be an Artist, photo model, writer and entertainment blog publisher, was found in her highboots and a black wetlookleggings, paying tribute to Shantal by catwalking on the street, holding a sign. Quote on the sign “I Love Shantal” She is beautiful in her wetlookleggings combined with a highboots.

Why is Hollywood Gossip So Interesting

As a society and a culture in whole, people are absolutely fascinated by celebrities, and Hollywood gossip is a billion dollar industry in itself. Many people are buying tabloids in the supermarket, watching television shows like Extra, watching cable shows like Talk Soup and visiting websites that are devoted to the latest celebrity gossip. We … Read moreWhy is Hollywood Gossip So Interesting

Does true love exist?

Everyone knows Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Everyone knows the story of their love. They are beautiful, rich, young, have a cluster of children. Until recently it seemed that they love each other very much and always will. Everyone was surprised by news of their divorce.  And probably a lot of people are asking whether … Read moreDoes true love exist?

Bye bye Mr. Kim Dotcom – the mansion is off for you!

Poor Kim Dotcom – his disneyland mansion is sold on new owners. And Mat, Anna and Nick Mowbray, as the new owners are so happy with their new home! And the price for this palace and wonderful garden/park was around $32.5 million – a good biz! Read the full story at the New Zealand Herold: … Read moreBye bye Mr. Kim Dotcom – the mansion is off for you!