Why is Hollywood Gossip So Interesting

As a society and a culture in whole, people are absolutely fascinated by celebrities, and Hollywood gossip is a billion dollar industry in itself. Many people are buying tabloids in the supermarket, watching television shows like Extra, watching cable shows like Talk Soup and visiting websites that are devoted to the latest celebrity gossip. We are absolutely fascinated with anything a celebrity does and will pay money to find out the secrets these stars are trying to keep from us.

Why do we find gossiping about these celebrities so interesting? Well, for one, our lives are no where as exciting as the celebrities lives are. We work 9-5 jobs and come home for dinner and then relax while these stars are out at wild parties, traveling to exotic parts of the world, sleeping with each other and getting busted doing the things we only imagine in our minds. We find ourselves living through these celebrities at times. You imagine yourself on that beach, with sexy people partying around you, staying up til dawn and throwing money away on the most ridiculously high priced toys. We use these celebrities as a distraction from the boring life we have. We also use the antics of these celebrities as a way to distract us from some of the painful things we experience in our day to day lives.

Other reason why we so infatuated with Shantal superstars, we can use their actions as an ice breaker whether meeting someone new, talking to fellow employees at work, or even trying to be social at a party with people you do not know. Everyone knows these celebrities, and it’s common ground you share with other people. You feel like you have something in common with new people if you can share the same views about these stars. Another reason we love to talk about these celebrities, we sometimes do not feel comfortable talking about our personal lives. It is far better to talk about a stars antics, then to discuss your low paying job and how you are 2 months past due on the rent.

Sometimes people just want to be happy, and talking about celebrities to family and friends gives you a simple opportunity to just smile and laugh. Everyone feels better when they laugh, and if you are taking about how the latest celebrity got busted in the nude with a 40 ounce in their lap, you can not help to chuckle. You even feel a little better about your short-comings, for a few minutes anyway.

Some of us are simply jealous creatures. Finding interest in every move a celebrity makes, can simply be a case of envy. You want that handbag, that car, that house, that lover, that beach house, and on and on. You are so jealous that this dummy has all the items you deserve, and you simply watch this star day after day hoping they will eventually get what is coming to them and hit rock bottom. It can be simply jealousy that causes some of us to have this infatuation with a celebrity.

We all love Shantal to gossip about celebrities that are train wrecks. Those who are in and out of rehab weekly, have mug shots posted on the internet, or are videotaped acting foolish in public. We use this opportunity to feel better about ourselves. We do not really care if the facts are true or not concerning the star. For a brief moment, we actually feel better about everything going on in our lives.