FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kim Dotcom about Government Communications Security Bureau (New Zealand)

Press Release by Kim Dotcom – 20 July 2017

You all know that, five years ago, the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) broke the law and secretly intercepted my family’s personal communications. I have been trying to get access to the intercepted communications – my communications – ever since.

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The big big fight : Kim Dotcom Opposes US’s “Fugitive” Claims at Supreme Court

Never stop a running system : this is not a machine – it’s a man: Kim Dotcom aka Mr. Kimble himself 🙂

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Kim Dotcom Opposes US’s “Fugitive” Claims at Supreme Court

Kim Dotcom – himself (photo bigger from his Twitteraccount)

In an effort to regain control over millions of dollars in seized assets, Kim Dotcom’s legal team has filed a brief at the Supreme Court, countering the US Government’s position. The US uses the fugitive claims as a coercive weapon, which offends due process and fundamental fairness, according to the Megaupload founder.

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Data hijack via Internet

Russian-controlled telecom hijacks financial services’ Internet traffic – Visa, MasterCard, and Symantec among dozens affected by “suspicious” BGP mishap.

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Normally, the network traffic bound for MasterCard, Visa, and the other affected companies passes through services providers that the companies hire and authorize. Using BGP routing tables, the authorized providers “announce” their ownership of the large blocks of IP addresses belonging to the client companies.