Google Chauffeur takes next steps to Phoenix (Arizona)

Waymo, the self-driving division inside of Alphabet, has partnered with car rental company Avis to manage its fleet of autonomous cars in Phoenix, Arizona.

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in short:

Fellow #Phoenix residents: there are now 600 Chrysler #driverless minivans that Google may offer thru Avis


The delphine fashion – presented by Tiffany Borland

Fashion Outfit with Tuolomee is a Delphine The Label Striped Romper

Dionysus was once captured by Etruscan pirates who mistook him for a wealthy prince they could ransom. After the ship set sail Dionysus invoked his divine powers, causing vines to overgrow the ship where the mast and sails had been. He turned the oars into serpents, so terrifying the sailors that they jumped overboard, but Dionysus took pity on them and transformed them into dolphins so that they would spend their lives providing help for those in need. Dolphins were also the messengers of Poseidon and sometimes did errands for him as well. Dolphins were sacred to both Aphrodite and Apollo.


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