Always a good idea: the jump



This is always, also in summer, a very good idea – up in the nature to do
the girls jump – high to the sky – very classic jump in high heels
what else want Shantal, isn’t it!

The girlsjump – high to the sky in high heels was done by
photomodel Jiya from India.

Girlsjump with Elizabeth

A try of the high to the sky girlsjump with Elizabeth – in wetlook legging fashion and classic high heels

Black wetlook fun in high heels

It was so nice, to do a short walk in the forest with Elizabeth …

Elizabeth wears a classic outfit: high heels (perfect 4 forest walk) – and shiny leggings – also a leather jacket
all in black

just a little strechting – this is good for the body …

and before the afternoon with Elizabeth ends, comes the high jump to the sky

classic black fahion and also classic jump up, high to the sky – and very risk with much high to the sky high heels …
thank you Elizabeth! When will we continue our walk?

Wouh, i can fly (up to the sky)

A great start at the sea. Sandra try to fly and it works!

The girlsjump – fly high to the sky
of course in high heels and always with a nice smiling!
Thank you Sandra, we will see more flights high to the sky from you 🙂


I tell you a (small) secret – we are working on a high to the sky video – with the life-slogan

“For the day I die, I’mma touch the sky”

Photomodel Alex aka Angel

” For the day I die –
I*ll touch the sky “