Verona amazing

Amazing Verona van de Leur in black wetlook leggings and much high to the sky high heels. By the way, things are changing: Instagram deleted 2 great accounts from Verona – the first with 118k followers, this was bad. and now, the 2nd account from Verona is also killed by Insta. But Verona have much power, for a brand new account, and also her personal website works very well 🙂 Of course, she is an actress and a x-rated beauty star 🙂


Still the same


Still The Same – Lyrics You always won, everytime you placed a bet You’re still damn good, no one’s gotten to you yet Everytime they were sure they had you caught You were quicker than they thought You’d just turn your back and walk You always said, the cards would never do you wrong The trick you said was never play the game too long A gambler’s share, the only risk that you would take The only loss you could forsake The only bluff you couldn’t fake And you’re still the same I caught up with you yesterday Moving game to game No one standing in your way Turning on the charm Long enough to get you by You’re still the same You still aim high There you stood, everybody watched you play I just turned and walked away I had nothing left to say ‘Cause you’re still the same You’re still the same Moving game to game Some things never change You’re still the same