The Haul?

The grandpa’s haul for a short part time – in combination with other bunnies

from the Hefner-lodge. And now, he is the hunted!

Karen McDougal, Los Angeles, CA on October 1, 2011 –
Photo by Glenn Francis of

Girlsjump with Elizabeth

A try of the high to the sky girlsjump with Elizabeth – in wetlook legging fashion and classic high heels

New office girl: warm welcome Vanessaa

There is so much work in Shantal’s blog office – photomodels and management send photos, videos and reports – all to view and sort – so a new office-girl is welcome –


Warm welcome Vanessaa and much fun with all the office work for the Shantal-blog!

ups, what are you doing now Vanessaa?

For better overview about the work 4 the Shantal-blog Vanessaa uses the desk at a very special kind of art ..

All photos with the courtesy of hot Vanessaa


is the winter over ? then I get up ..

Shantal proudly present


” When the winter is over – then i get up and come out of my bed “




Thanks Cali for this nice at the end of the winter photo series!

Hello Shantal,

thanks for using my photoseries in this blog. I’ll send you more of my photomodel work asap – all the best for you and your blog visitors – with much love – Cali


Black wetlook fun in high heels

It was so nice, to do a short walk in the forest with Elizabeth …

Elizabeth wears a classic outfit: high heels (perfect 4 forest walk) – and shiny leggings – also a leather jacket
all in black

just a little strechting – this is good for the body …

and before the afternoon with Elizabeth ends, comes the high jump to the sky

classic black fahion and also classic jump up, high to the sky – and very risk with much high to the sky high heels …
thank you Elizabeth! When will we continue our walk?