The high heels fascination

From the moment they appeared, high heels made women around the globe fall in love with them. There is something special, magical about high heels, so most certainly every woman out in the world has at least several pairs of high heels. But, why do women wear high heels? While high heels became a symbol of femininity, being highly appreciated by both women and men, there are very many reasons for wearing them. Some women wear them daily, while others save high heels for special occasions. Still, regardless of personal preferences when it comes to choosing and wearing high heels, one thing is for sure. Everybody does it, as high heels have an inexplicable magnetism that attracts women like nectar does to bees.

When a woman wears high heels, her confidence is boosted right away. She is instantly taller, her hips sway in a sexier manner, and she manages to turn heads, by simply opting for a pair of shoes. Her walk is suddenly more attractive, as high heels make us walk like we’re on our tip-toes, positioning our legs in front of us with grace. The stride is reduced as the tilt and rotation of the hips increases, leading to a more proud way of walking. Yes, we do feel better when wearing heels, wishing to show everybody just how gorgeous we are. There were studies conducted on this matter and the study participants did declare the women walking on high heels, in comparison with the ones that used flats instead, as being more attractive. So it isn’t just a matter of personal perspective, as it is something that was scientifically proved.

As mentioned before, high heels make us look more feminine. It is impossible to miss a woman that is wearing heels, and no because of the sound made by her shoes but by her presence. Also, a woman feels like a woman when wearing high heels, because these types of shoes make a woman move their hips, which is definitely a girly and ladylike movement. If you want to get the attention of a man or be more persuasive, all you have to do is wear a pair of high heels. They will make your posture look taller and increase your self-confidence, which is exactly what you need in both of these cases.

Luckily, there is a wide range of heels to choose from, so you can match them with your mood and outfit, for a feminine appearance everybody will appreciate. There are the kitten heels, pumps, stilettos, ankle-strap heels, wedge heels, cone heels, slingback heels, platform heels, peep toe heels, mules, chunky heels, each of them having a particular shape and height. All you have to do is find that pair of high heels that suits you best and start feeling like a woman. If you are not accustomed to wearing heels, the attention you will get once you get a pair may be overwhelming, so beware. But, if you are looking to be seen and heard, high heels will get you in the spotlight for sure.