The Mr. Donald T. Wall

WASHINGTON- Following a press conference held earlier today, Donald Trump has stated that progress towards building the wall has begun. Earlier this week, Trump was spotted at his hotel in New York City with CEO of YCGC Construction, a popular worldwide construction company. In the press conference today, Trump announced that the 2158 mile wall will begin its groundbreaking procedures starting in the fall. The 81ft wall will provide safety and comfort to numerous Americans located in southern states providing better protection against Mexico. The newly proposed height is almost 4x higher than the current 21 foot wall. Construction is slated to begin in Texas on October 14th and to conclude in Tijuana CA, located near San Diego. The most recent poll shows strong support of Trump beating Clinton. With the almost assured victory, Trump stated he wants to “get a head start” on one of the biggest projects in American history. It is expected that Trump will announce details of the Canada-USA wall in the following weeks. We reached out to YCGC construction and they could not be reached for comment.