New strange fashion trend : eyebrows feathers

The world of beauty and fashion already difficult to us stunned. But still there are exceptions … as the newest fashion trend, which is pretty crazy and strange. It is associated with the shape of the eyebrows – ‘eyebrows feathers.”  The trend inspired many beauty bloggers on worldwide and they already show their version of eyebrows. I share one of them with you.

It’s a new thing and it’s fantastically weird, but ‘too’ weird, if you ask me… What do you think?

Style Stripes For 2017


Stripes are a total hit this season. Narrow and wide, white, black, blue, red … no restrictions – you just need fantasy and courage to improvise! And for inspiration – here are a few ideas that impressed me and made me to look at a new way of that sailor shirt, forgotten in the closet …


Week of Olsen twins – The Row


This combination of unique style won first place in the fashion world. We should mention that the sisters from the age of 12 have their own line of clothes for teens that are sold in retail chain Wal-Mart across America. In 2006 the girls strengthen their relationship with the fashion industry. That year Olson presented their line The Row, which became incredibly popular and brings the sisters glory. The collection is designed for young and successful girls and combines virtuoso himself boho-chic and urban elegance. The Olsens were first named Womensewear Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America for The Row in 2012. They received the award again in 2015.


Week of Olsen Twins – 5 interesting facts about MKA


mka1****They were 9 months old when they got the part of Michelle Tanner on Full House.

They won against 20 different infants since they were the only two

who didn’t cry during the auditions.****


mka1****Mary-Kate and Ashley

became the youngest Hollywood producers in 1992.

They were only on 6.****


mka2*****Their ethnicity is rather varied:

Norwegian, English, German,

1/8th Italian, distant French!****



mka5****Ashley beats Mary-Kate

in age by a


two minutes!*****


mkastar****Mary-Kate and Ashley

were the first twins

to get a star together

on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2004.****


Week of Olsen Twins – New York Minute

nymPart of the last joint movie on Olsen twins –

New York Minute.

The teen comedy is released on May 7, 2004. 

In the film

Mary-Kate and Ashley

play twins with contradicting identities

who have a many misadventures around New York City. 

We, from Shantal, strongly recommend to watch it!

Guaranteed – you will love it!

Week of Olsen twins – All movies


For Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen can say a lot. They have already managed to shoot in dozens of films ,they have become the youngest Hollywood producers , they have built incredibly successful fashion empire and have become icons of style for people who are watching theirs comedy in the 90s. Here are all the films on Olsen twins in a short video:

Week of Olsen twins – let’s begin!


Let’s begin with short biography!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were born on June 13, 1986 in Sherman Oaks ,USA. Sweeties – Olsen twins, began their career just nine months into series “Full House.” Making them the richest young stars in the world.


Their brilliant career began in September 1987.

In “Full House” they change each other in role of Michelle.

At six years old, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen started featuring together in TV, film, and video ventures, which proceeded to their high school years.

Through their organization Dualstar, the Olsens joined the positions of the wealthiest ladies in media outlets at a youthful age.

In 2006 the girls strengthen their relationship with the fashion industry, appearing in the advertising campaign for Badgley Mischka. A little later the same year, the sisters presented their first own line The Row, which became extremely popular and brings glory to the sisters. The collection is designed for young and successful girls and combines in himself boho urban chic and elegance.