Thinking green!

This is a screenshot from the newest “samy” video production:
Nina at a ruin building near the black sea (in february 2018), wearing black high boots with lace and now it comes:
green shiny legging, green top and a green ladies hat and because it was a little cold, under the
green top a black sweater – it is a dancing trough the old dilapidated building – coming soon – the thinking green ..

Yes, winter!

Of course, it’s winter with snow in east europe – what else 🙂
OK, this photo was shoot some weeks ago, at the moment is spring there …

Yo is wearing an interesting winter fashion:
leather high boots and shiny wetlook legging and as top a bandanas bound around her sexy body
and also in winter with much snow, it is possible to do a nice winterdance!

Yo – wintergirl 2018 – dance in snow with high heels and wetlook legging and bandana

This is Shantal’s directlink service, just click the link above and the video at youtube starts 4 you!

Her Majesty – The Beret


The berets bring the necessary dose of bohemian chic to each woman’s dress and become for a short time in the eternal classics among the hats to which designers return again and again. Today the beret is one of the most sought after hats: an accessory that seduces, carried by women of a strong character, with a romantic but at the same time bold style. They can be found in a variety of variations from softer or harder fabrics, heavier or lighter, from cotton to leather.

In the last season, designers have come back to the classic beret as the right accessory that complements the flawless style of every elegant lady. Here are some ideas on how to combine berets in everyday life:


Leather Jacket

The weather outside surprised us very pleasantly for the beginning of February. Although we can not rely on the sun’s consistency, at least let us take advantage of its warm rays while they are there. I am convinced that when you leave home in the morning, you are faced with the dilemma of what to wear to feel the same all day long.

The best choice you can make is to put on the leather jacket forgotten by the autumn in the wardrobe. Of course, do not forget the warm scarf that will warm you up early in the morning and late at night. This and also pair of great sunglasses is all you need in winter warm weather.

We can not know how much this February’s warm weather will last, so let’s enjoy it to max , do not we? 🙂


Today I want to introduce you to the trends in leather jackets for this year and to inspire you for the new season. Lets watch!

Coherent concept ideas with Elizabeth in february 2018

Sexy Elizabeth

high heels with spikes and shiny black leggings
in busy office

When it comes to february, then it needs a coherent concept and that is the best way for busy Elizabeth
to think about new ideas for the blogwork at Shantal. The process works well with high heels and shiny trousers ..

Best ideas!
high heels, green color, matching to the blouse;
the heels with spikes for all things you think
and a very shiny black legging (wetlook leggings)
the perfect atmosphere for new ideas ..

and later a nice telephone call with
Shantal’s blog management to discuss all the new ideas for february 2018

Youth can not stay seated!

Jen Selter in winter with home-pet
In the airplane “American Airline” flight in standby modus on airport:


Everyone stays seated, we lift off right away, but when that is, only the tower knows


Yeah, not beauty Jen Selter! She can not seat all the time, waiting for the start …..

Shantal’s directlink-service

Read the complete story here

Fitness enthusiast and Instagram model Jen Selter was kicked off an American Airlines flight when she and her sister got into a verbal altercation with flight crew. The 24-year-old and her sibling were waiting on a flight from Miami to La Guardia in New York but it was delayed for 90 minutes because of a …