With the appearance of the letter “r” in the name of the month, it is time to change your favorite summer sandals with closed autumn shoes. This sentence might sound sad if the designers had not taken care of the new models with color, uniqueness and artistry.

Ready for battle with combat boots or for party with glitter shoes – both models are absolute leaders. For the first places they compete only with the retro moccasins and the hairy shoes. For the first places they compete only with the retro moccasins and the hairy shoes. Red is the lord of the colors, and the winter flowers dominate among the princes.


Wavy eyebrows

For some time now, the cosmetics industry has highlighted the diversity and creativity of the eyebrows.


We have already seen the hysteria that eyebrows like feathers have caused, and now, with the onset of autumn, we can predict what will replace them.

The new hit in makeup is the wavy eyebrows, which, though seemingly unusual at first glance, definitely attract attention.

It is still early to say whether this trend will turn out to be successful. But at least we will be prepared for the day when social networks will explode with this trend.

Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *6*

I really want to show you with the latest video by Dan Balan. Though his duo half is not Tany Vander, the video and the song are worth watching.


Dan Balan and Vera Brezhneva presented a new joint clip for the song “Our Summer” to the audience. The stars do not work together for the first time, in 2010 they recorded the track “Rose Petals” and shot the video.


A new video of 38-year-old Dan and 35-year-old Vera is created in the style of a romantic story in black and white. They were alone on a deserted beach. The heroine of Vera disappears at the end of the video, as soon as the hero of Dan tries to hug her.

The author of music and text was writen from Dan Balan. The video is already beginning to gain popularity: for the past day it was watched by more than 4 million people.

Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *5*


Did you know that Tanya Vander is also an actress? Yes it is a fact. On December 20, 2013, Tatiana made her film debut with the release of the first comedy series in Moldova, called “3 + 3”. Following a casting, Tania won one of the main roles, interpreting the character “Mary” . The series, which depicts the everyday life of Moldovan students, has gained attention, being watched by a large number of viewers. See part of the series:


Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *2*

And now….

Tany Vander!!!


Tatiana Gribincea is born 2 July 1988 in Moldova. She is singer, better known as Tany Vander. She was part of the Moldovan group “Chocolate”. Soon she met Dan Balan and he invited the girl to speak with him at concerts. In 2010 Tany was the first performance with Dan in the Club Bamboo in Romania.

Enjoy the last video on the Tany Vander!!!

Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *1*

Yes, this week they will be our stars! But let’s start by presenting each one separately!

And now ….

Ladies and Gentlemen ….

With great pleasure I present you ….



Dan Balan in Chisinau, Moldova on February 6, 1979.

He is a musician, songwriter, producer and former soloist of the O-Zone band.

He graduated from a music school and in 1999 he created the O-Zone group. It ceased to exist in 2005, and then Dan Balan began an independent career.

And here is place to share with you my favourite Dan Balan`s song- “Chica Bomb”!

Enjoy it!




There are so many islands in Greece that it is difficult to choose where to spend your holiday. But if you ask the Greeks what they prefer, many will tell you the island of Skopelos.
The island is extremely green – with over five million pines, 50,000 olive trees and only 5,000 inhabitants, it is a place that has preserved its nature in a unique way. Beaches with small pebbles are surrounded by cool pine forests and the water is crystal clear.Whether you are looking for tranquility and privacy, or liveliness and authentic culture, Skopelos will make you love it.