Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *6*

I really want to show you with the latest video by Dan Balan. Though his duo half is not Tany Vander, the video and the song are worth watching.


Dan Balan and Vera Brezhneva presented a new joint clip for the song “Our Summer” to the audience. The stars do not work together for the first time, in 2010 they recorded the track “Rose Petals” and shot the video.


A new video of 38-year-old Dan and 35-year-old Vera is created in the style of a romantic story in black and white. They were alone on a deserted beach. The heroine of Vera disappears at the end of the video, as soon as the hero of Dan tries to hug her.

The author of music and text was writen from Dan Balan. The video is already beginning to gain popularity: for the past day it was watched by more than 4 million people.