Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *2*

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Tany Vander!!!


Tatiana Gribincea is born 2 July 1988 in Moldova. She is singer, better known as Tany Vander. She was part of the Moldovan group “Chocolate”. Soon she met Dan Balan and he invited the girl to speak with him at concerts. In 2010 Tany was the first performance with Dan in the Club Bamboo in Romania.

Enjoy the last video on the Tany Vander!!!

Week of the Dan Balan and Tany Vander *1*

Yes, this week they will be our stars! But let’s start by presenting each one separately!

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Dan Balan in Chisinau, Moldova on February 6, 1979.

He is a musician, songwriter, producer and former soloist of the O-Zone band.

He graduated from a music school and in 1999 he created the O-Zone group. It ceased to exist in 2005, and then Dan Balan began an independent career.

And here is place to share with you my favourite Dan Balan`s song- “Chica Bomb”!

Enjoy it!




There are so many islands in Greece that it is difficult to choose where to spend your holiday. But if you ask the Greeks what they prefer, many will tell you the island of Skopelos.
The island is extremely green – with over five million pines, 50,000 olive trees and only 5,000 inhabitants, it is a place that has preserved its nature in a unique way. Beaches with small pebbles are surrounded by cool pine forests and the water is crystal clear.Whether you are looking for tranquility and privacy, or liveliness and authentic culture, Skopelos will make you love it.

Colorful Eyebrow Trend

Nowadays it’s inconceivable not to take care of your eyebrows. But today it is no longer fashionable to draw them in a color that is close to that of your hair.


The newest trend is the big eyebrows, highlighted in different tones. They are voluminous, in colorful shades: grassy green, neon orange, deep purple…. This strong eyebrow accent corresponds to eye makeup and often with similar eyelashes.


A great idea for summer dinners, right? Or… may be not! I really dont know! What do you think?

Travel destination – Bora-Bora


Bora-Bora is considered to be the most romantic and paradise in the world. It has such a beautiful scenery that visitors are left without words when they see it for the first time. Here are, without any doubt, the most beautiful beaches. There nature has created an incredible masterpiece.

Who does not want to be there now? To lay on the beach, to drink pina colada… And when we want to swim and enjoy the cool water that surrounds our body, we are on foot from the shore.
I so deeply immersed in this dream that I decided to make you dream with me too….


Tattoo armpit


The latest mania in tattoos is on an extremely delicate place – under the armpits. The tattoos of this place are not something new, but they are rarely done because the process is extremely painful. Pain, however, has not denied enthusiasts.

And you? Are you brave enough to tattoo under your armpit?

Nail trends Summer 2017

Summer 2017 is now here, and the colorful mood is everywhere – at home, on the way to work or everyday tasks, in clothes and fashion …As in a manicure!

That’s why in this video you can see some wonderful and up-to-date ideas on how to decorate your nails in the hottest season of the year.

Enjoy and try these beautiful and colorful suggestions on your hands.


Flip flops of the future

The vast majority of innovative clothing and fashion accessories seem to be really absurd, but there are also such inventions for everyday life that will become more and more powerful in the coming years. Probably some of them will be the Nakefit – a model for feet that literally stick to the foot and protect legs from the earth’s surface, on the beach and in any other environment. These flip-flops are designed for any terrain. They are available in a variety of colors, they are waterproof, withstand high temperatures and certainly you can not slipping with them. I personally can not wait to try them out! What about you, what do you think?