Thinking green!

This is a screenshot from the newest “samy” video production:
Nina at a ruin building near the black sea (in february 2018), wearing black high boots with lace and now it comes:
green shiny legging, green top and a green ladies hat and because it was a little cold, under the
green top a black sweater – it is a dancing trough the old dilapidated building – coming soon – the thinking green ..

Hot weather & ladies high to the sky

Yvonne & Jo in high heels and black wetlook leggings – hands up, high to the sky

The both are real weather ladies – hands up – high to the sky in high heels, this works very good for a hot summer
(says Shantal)

The gods advocated this
(young ladies in high heels and wetlook leggings – hands up high to the sky for a good summer weather!)

Sunday, off-season

Alexandra send us for sunday this small photo series for the Shantalblog 🙂

Sunday is the individually off season of the week. So Alexandra (wearing high heels & black wetlook leggings) does a little relax ..

That gives peace and strength

At because there is a fine sunday afternoon weather with happy sunshine, last image for this sunday get outside from Alexandra:

A notice about wetlookleggings from Shantal


Wetlook leggings became noticeable during the fall period ramp walks of 2008 and it seems that that this hot trend is never going to die. The shine of these tights are irreplaceable and loved by all fashion icons since it is an amazing substitute to plain dark stockings. They give an energizing feel and a totally diverse finishing to your dress. Leather leggings are ideal in the event that you blend and pair them correctly.  Here are some ways for you to wear your wet look leather leggings:


It is impossible to wear leather over leather without looking excessively decked up. However, if you wish to wear both together, then you should go for a leather coat with an alternate colour than the base and pair it with an easy-to-carry top. Dark chestnut and dark leather leggings are the best and generally adaptable.



Designers have launched wet look leggings in amazing prints and designs. It would be impossible to step out during the coldest days of the year without covering yourself up completely. Those are the days when your wet look leggings help you in getting the most comfortable and chic look that is sure to be a head turner. Printed or designed leggings truly gives your hot mini dresses a gorgeous look and make you feel pleasant despite the harsh weather.


Wear a gorgeous open weave sweater or a jumper with your David Bowie boots that would perfectly compliment your leggings. Also, covering yourself with attractive tunics like a cardigan or a scarf is an extraordinary way to enhance your entire outfit.


Wet look tights with a dazzling and glowing finish are definitely one of the hottest fashion trends to go for.  Jump into these gleaming and radiant leggings for your end of the year celebration to get a total chic and hot look. Wear your glamourous tights with a pastel coloured shirt and a hot coat. Also go for some amazing accessories and heeled boots to stand out in the crowd.


Going for a size greater is way better than choosing an outfit that is precisely of your shape. Only as caution to assist you to keep away from the crude frontal wedgie. Frontal wedgie in leather tights gives a much more regrettable look than a standard spandex material.


Wet look leggings are flawlessly versatile with most styles, provided that you pick the right adornments, tops and shoes to run with these hip leggings. Therefore, they are never too old and are always a hot trend every year no matter what. Make significant investment of your time to see proper sense of how to offset your outfit as your look can create wonders if you know how to dress with wet look leggings perfectly.

Some autumn boots stories

A nice guestvideo with the lookbook of how to style when wearing the autumn overknee boots – nice to see and good fashion style ideas. And now, the Shantal cooking vid for the best looking boots, presented by Ann and the Shantal-Kitchen-Team:

2 highboots – presented from Ann – on wall and in the car – nice to see and now – shoe shopping is open!