Thoughts on high heels beachvideo

OMG! I love summer! And it looks like she’s having so much fun while wearing high heels on the beach. I never thought that you can go to the beach while wearing heels. She looks very cute and adorable while wearing the heels. It looks really hot, but she still manages to rock those heels I want those heels! Where can I get one?

Though I’m not really an avid heels wearer, but I think it would be nice to try wearing heels. But I can never rock wearing them as good as she does. She’s so cool. The beach looks really nice to. Would love to spend an afternoon there going swimming, eating good food, maybe also some ice cream since it’s really hot, also probably get some drinks and surf. But the waves doesn’t look like it’s good for surfing. Anyways, I would love to go to that beach. Maybe try wearing some heels? But maybe I can’t do it the same as her, she looks very natural while wearing those heels and walking in the sand. I wonder if she’s having a hard time. I know I would have a hard time wearing a heels while walking in the beach.

It looks tiresome but still she looks awesome and cool! I love the shorts too, really perfect for the hot weather. She paired it nicely with a white shirt and of course, some awesome looking heels. She looks very pretty too, she looks outgoing and fun. It looks like she’s used to wearing heels everyday that’s why it so easy for her to walk in heels in the beach.

Even when it looks like the sand is eating her feet, she still rocked those heels. Where did she get those heels anyway? I want one for my own. Do you think they have my size? Probably. The heels look very strong too, even though she was using it all the time and bringing it to the most unlikely places, it looks like it won’t break.

Now that’s the kind of heels that you would buy, strong, pretty, and beautiful. Anyways, Jo really looks like she’s having fun. She has awesome and cool dance moves. I can’t dance like that especially wearing heels, it looks hard and complicated but she still manage to do that. How awesome is that. I also love her cap. It looks so cool and very perfect for the weather and complemented her outfit very well. It can protect you from the heat as well as looking good. Nice pair with the heels.

I love the color of the heels to, beige. You can pait it with anything. Easy to pair with all the outfits inside your closet. Anyways, my point is in all of this. This video is very cool and the heels looks very awesome.

Heels are made for the beach

Summer beginning in june

The six digit has always had a special meaning. At school, we were convinced that this is the highest rating we can get. It is good that we later learned that there is no excellence in life, and the highest score is far from being the one, written in the notebook. The highest rating is the one you give yourself to yourself – both in the moments at which you are at the top and at times when you want to shrink into a ball in your bed and not get out of there during days. But when did it past half a year? June is full of so many promises – summer, beautiful sunsets, evening outings with beer in hand and good friends, stolen kisses, new love, seaside, barefoot and hope for many smiles.

Hi June, please be unforgettable! Because you are so warm, sunny and you arrive with such a large childish smile that it will be terribly sad if you disappoint us. Rejoice us, June, make us laugh, tease us, dance with us, wait for the sunrise, kiss us on the shoulders, show us the meaning of the word “Happiness”.
Welcome, June! We’ve been waiting for you for so long … !

Лятото започва през юни


Yo about facebookfriends

What is the meaning of the word friend? Friendship means cooperation and support mutual understanding, respect, also help in cases of need. Friends are people who enjoy each other’s company.

Each of us who has a profile on the social network “Facebook” has a lot of friends. Yes, a fact, but how many of them are actually our friends? How many of them actually we know personally? The truth is that most of our friends on “Facebook” definitely are not our friends in the full sense of the word. Let’s not kid ourselves – most of them are colleagues, acquaintances, former classmates or just people you see every day and they are part of our daily lives. When I think of my friends in the full sense of the word, I can count them on the fingers of both hands.  In the early “Facebook” gathering friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives with a single purpose – communication. Most of us have friends and relatives outside their homeland ,about it we used the social network as a connection with them. But at the moment, “Facebook” definitely not perform this function. Currently, users of the most popular social network use it mainly to use her applications – games, fortune, status or just to gossip and discuss your friends. Let’s not kid ourselves – before we shoot us for a memory, but now we are shoot for “Facebook”. We do not upload and tagging photos,on which we did not look very well, because we know that one of our “friends” will “denigrate” us. “Facebook” has become a “gossip.”

In me lies a small hope that “Facebook” will return to its most important purpose – to help people to communicate and stay in touch with current. And let’s not forget that friends are not those that are listed in our social network, and those who are our support, love and respect.

Jo’s life without rules