Yes, winter!

Of course, it’s winter with snow in east europe – what else 🙂
OK, this photo was shoot some weeks ago, at the moment is spring there …

Yo is wearing an interesting winter fashion:
leather high boots and shiny wetlook legging and as top a bandanas bound around her sexy body
and also in winter with much snow, it is possible to do a nice winterdance!

Yo – wintergirl 2018 – dance in snow with high heels and wetlook legging and bandana

This is Shantal’s directlink service, just click the link above and the video at youtube starts 4 you!

Watch actress dancing on a funny afternoon while on high heels and a silver Wetlook Leggings.

White shirt with a silver Wetlook Leggings on high heels, what can I say, what a perfect combination on an afternoon like this one.

Dancing to a song from Bird Creek (Highway Wildflowers)

I guess she finds it really comfortable dancing while on high heels
The sexiest part of this video was her climbing the tree while she dances and swings her legs.