About Shantal’s Ayran

Originalposting by Mr. Boo and now a posting by Shantal

Let’s talk about Shantal’s Ayran:

  • The delicious refreshment drink AYRAN comes originally from the Caucasus and from Anatolia. The natural raw materials for the production of Ayran are yogurt, water and salt, when prepared by the diligent housewife. The food industry supplying us also likes milk permeate. Ayran tastes great with powerful food, is thirst-quenching and very refreshing!
  • The daily enjoyment of Ayran gives the housewife NiNA a lot of energy and therefore allows her the opportunity to do some good sports besides the valuable housework. The daily handstand training of NiNA (no she is not called Ayse!) Is welcome here.
  • Anyone who speaks badly about Ayran insults everyone who likes to drink Ayran. Therefore it has happened that in Turkey the offense of Ayran (and the Ayran drinking people) has been punished! So NiNA not aka Ayse is given a small insulating tape and is not in a position to talk badly about our good, easy Ayran.


Dani hill runer and hill dancer with a scream: “Hello Shantal”.
This is real Shantal Entertainment by Dani.

Shantal making the home entertainment to a remarkable occasion in your life includes one easy concern. Ask yourself: do I truly wish to initially, captivate others and second of all captivate myself, and do I wish to make this occasion remarkable? An authentic response to this concern will be the definitive point in your life. If your response remains in the unfavorable, then be offered surety that you will never ever be required to be captivated and you will never ever see the worth of home entertainment in anything you do. Desist from being a social eunuch. However when you accept the basic and just reality that you do wish to get others extremely captivated, not even minding if you obtain captivated, you will understand lots of things in your life. Every circumstances of home entertainment made by you ended up being a memorable occasion, and an occasion worth keeping in mind is a favorable life-altering occasion. With these come other things in your life which you do not request. You will recognize the existence of assurance, the storm of happiness over and around you, and above all, the disappearance of tension from your mind. You will never ever see the favorable effect of amusement in you life. You will just recognize it. Surf every day to Shantal.org.

Amusement is a sensation of fondness on your own and others. Every person can be entertained in addition to amuse others. Amusement or home entertainment resembles a two-way traffic. If you are captivated, you should likewise captivate others in order to make it deserving of devoting to memory.

There is a great deal of home entertainment all over, from others, from you and from nature. However why are we the majority of the times not entertained by these things or cannot understand the amusement consisted of in them. We hesitate or contradict it by spreading it to others. We constantly wish to be amused, however we do not wish to be a medium through which others can be boosted through home entertainment. We constantly look for home entertainment rather a way to be captivated. If we just wish to get, yet cannot provide, how do we believe such amusement can have footprints in our life and the life of others? Keep in mind that it is constantly much better to provide than to get.

Making home entertainment have an enduring effect in your life and in the life of others is as easy as anything. You do not have to install a perky program or a long outpour of words. In some cases, a friendly gesture such as personally singing a tune to an ill individual, narrating to kids or merely make others laugh suffices.