Oh Charlie! Charlie and his new film ‘Mad Families’

Charlie Sheen discussed his return to movie making following his four-year film hiatus, and opened up about life as a father and grandfather, in an interview with Michael Strahan that aired today on “Good Morning America.”

here was for some hours the official interview with Charlie – now  the vid is removed from the “Good Morning America” editor or somebody else ? Interesting….

Charlie, thanks for the interview. Enough talked. Now, let’s hear, what his new filmpartner Charlotte talk’s to people:

Charlotte McKinney visits Access Hollywood Live’s Natalie Morales and Kit Hoover to chat about her role opposite Leah Remini, Charlie Sheen and Naya Rivera in Crackle’s new movie, “Mad Families.” What was Charlie Sheen like on set? “Mad Families” premieres January 12 on Crackle.

And now? Now have a look to the Mad Families trailer:

Charlie’s back !!

Charlie Sheen looks 65?

Corasher the result of AIDs and drug abuse?

Yeah guess you’re right it’s just he looks so old…he could now easily be Jon Cryer’s father, who looks very Healthy completely different than Sheen?


Zis Hot!

This is realy hot (the water) and the news!

“Zis hot”, this is hot. Actress Ann have a free minute. Sitting in high heels, golden wetlook legging and a gold bikini in bath and reading the housewife offers from the süpermarket at the corner. The prices are very hot – the story can begin ..

True friends?

Hello – i’m happy to be here at Shantal 😉 and can write you a little – perhaps you like it (i hope so)


What is the meaning of the word friend? Friendship means cooperation and support mutual understanding, respect, also help in cases of need. Friends are people who enjoy each other’s company.

Each of us who has a profile on the social network “Facebook” has a lot of friends. Yes, a fact, but how many of them are actually our friends? How many of them actually we know personally? The truth is that most of our friends on “Facebook” definitely are not our friends in the full sense of the word. Let’s not kid ourselves – most of them are colleagues, acquaintances, former classmates or just people you see every day and they are part of our daily lives. When I think of my friends in the full sense of the word, I can count them on the fingers of both hands.  In the early “Facebook” gathering friends, acquaintances, colleagues and relatives with a single purpose – communication. Most of us have friends and relatives outside their homeland ,about it we used the social network as a connection with them. But at the moment, “Facebook” definitely not perform this function. Currently, users of the most popular social network use it mainly to use her applications – games, fortune, status or just to gossip and discuss your friends. Let’s not kid ourselves – before we shoot us for a memory, but now we are shoot for “Facebook”. We do not upload and tagging photos,on which we did not look very well, because we know that one of our “friends” will “denigrate” us. “Facebook” has become a “gossip.”

In me lies a small hope that “Facebook” will return to its most important purpose – to help people to communicate and stay in touch with current. And let’s not forget that friends are not those that are listed in our social network, and those who are our support, love and respect.