Some words about abuse / dmca at

Yes, we have tons of content – but we publish it not – because we are in respect of your rights – your personality and so on! 2nd but! we have a handful of busy freelancer editors form all over the world. And in some countries, there it is no problem to publish all …

About this, we get every time new abuse mails via our hoster ( and can it never never handle.

So the abuse get unresolved and we stay always on air / online – so this is the wrong way!! We have more as one server at our provider for different themes and webs and 3rd party customer and the server abuse complaints daily are to much for us.

So please, if you have any problems with and the published content follow our requirements and we can help you in resepect at your person. For this we have a daily 24-hour support – and we do it always fast!!

Here are the requirements for fast remove:

Please go this way for your success – we are in respect of your person!