Hard Rock Week * Skid Row


Hello, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed our hard rock week. If so, you will be happy to hear the next song we chose –

18 and Life

True rock fans know that it is being performed by the

Skid Row


If however, you have never heard of them, now is the time to do it!


Hard Rock Week * Europe


Here we are… in the middle of our Hard Rock Week!

Today’s hard rock band is


In 1986’s the band recorded

The Final Countdown.

The title track of Europe’s third album is over 30 years old now,

but it’s still among the most celebrated songs in popular music.


Hard Rock Week * Aerosmith

Hello friends!

Today I will present to you, one rock band. Considered as one of the most significant in hard rock style of the 1970s.

You wonder who she is? And the answer is


In 1998, they achieved their first number-one hit with “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”

from the Armageddon soundtrack.



Airwheel SR5

Naomi present the Airwheel Robot SR5 in a real test:

Shantal’s directlink service:



Product description

Airwheel smart luggage SR5 following(Self-driving) Suitcaseis a smart robot suitcase that can follow you automatically. The core technology of the SR5 includes UWB and sensor technology by which it realizes auto-follow and intelligent obstacle avoidance. It can travel autonomously without bumping into people or objects.
following(Self-driving) Suitcase has adapt To Multiple Terrain, Smooth Follow. Designed to adapt to a variety of road surface condition, like carpets, tiles, marble, cement roads, asphalt roads, blind roads, airport conveyor belts, etc. All road can be easily passed.
Airwheel SR5 smart luggage, 20 inch Standard suitcase for airplane. International standard suitcase for airplane, can be on board directly, no need checking.
electric luggage SR5,Innovative style of opening and closing .90 degree side open,easy to takeout your belongings and save your time.
Secure TSA lock .Secure TSA lock, the suitcase can go through the custom smoothly without being damaged.
Three gear adjustable rod with all aluminum .
External USB port,can charge your phone and table pc .
SR5 Parameters
Material:ABS + PC
Size(Including Wheel Height):20 inch (210X550X381mm)
Suitable For:Young and middle-aged
Internal Structure:Separated zipper pocket + maintenance pocket + energy storage pocket
Lining Material:Polyester fabric
Draw-Bar:Dual-tube three section aluminum
Closed Way:Lock
Type Of Lock:TSA passcode lock
Wheel Design:Rear wheel drive, front Omni-directional wheel
Maximum Speed:6km/h
USB Transfer Port:The maximum output 5V / 1A
Motor Parameters:
Size:3.5 inch
Number Of Motors:Three
Motor Power: 50W/20W
Battery Parameters:
Battery Capacity:62.6Wh
Charging Time:13h
Battery Type:Lithium-ion battery


Hard Rock Week * GUNS N ROSSES

Hello again!

Hard Rock week continues, and today’s song belongs to the Guns N Roses group.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

is one of their most popular songs.

The song is currently ranked as the 104th greatest song of all time, as well as the best song of 1987.

Now let’s enjoy this undeniable hit
till tomorrow!


Hard Rock Week * AC DC


Hello, everyone!

This is “Hard Rock” week! ?

The first song I’m going to introduce to you is probably familiar to everyone in the world –

? Thunderstruck!

And the band that performs it, of course, is AC DC!

Over the last four decades, they have remained so faithful to their characteristic sound, vision and stage presence.

? I am sure, that you love this song!

So, let’s rock!!!