Gloria Estefan’s Week * Hoy *


So… this is the final of the Gloria Estefan’s week. I hope you enjoyed it!

The final song is Hoy! It is deeply impressive and stunningly original, so I’m sure it will affect you!

Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present you:

Gloria Estefan – Hoy

Gloria Estefan’s Week * Here we are *

Hello again, Gloria Estefan’s fans!

I am sure that you already are her fans! And I definitely understand you!

I already love Gloria Estefan’s voice and her music. And “Here we are” is my all-time favorite of all her songs. I can listen to this one over and over and over again and I never get sick of it. Just fantastic!

If you have not heard this song – do it! Listen it and you will fall in love with it just as I do!

Gloria Estefan’s Week * Go away *


Today I will present you the song

“Go away”.

I love this song, because of the cute lyrics, great beat, and sound. I have nothing more to say about this song because it’s one of the songs for which the words are never enough.

I’ll tell you only –

have fun!


Gloria Estefan’s Week * Dr Beat *


Gloria Estefan’s week continues with one of her most popular songs.

Dr Beat went to the top of the European dance charts. The song’s popularity prompted CBS to move the group to Epic, a parent label, and inspired group members to write songs in English. The rousing dance number “Conga” became the first single to crack Billboard’s pop, dance, black and Latin charts simultaneously.



Gloria Estefan’s Week * Conga *


Hello, everyone!

Today begins Gloria Estefan’s week! In these 7 days, I will present you 7 of her most popular songs. And the first one is “Conga”!

The singer has sold over 70 million albums during her long career. She has a star in the Alley of Fame and has a bunch of awards. And all fully deserved! Gloria Estefan is the winner of 7 Grammy Awards. And why not? Who has not heard her songs? We all ever danced in tune with the melodic rhythms of the charming latino diva.  Now I leave you to do exactly that!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Gloria Estefan – Conga


Hard Rock Week * Survivor

? Hello again!

So… we got to the final of our hard rock week.

The name of the new song I’m going to introduce you is

Eye Of The Tiger

I am sure that you know this song, especially if you ever watched the movie “Rocky 3”.

As you have guessed, the song is performed by the Survivor band.

Let’s Rock!




Hard Rock Week * Kiss ?


Hello again!


is today’s band ?

The musicians are known for their specific makeup and spectacular concert shows.

During its 45-year history, the team has sold over 100 million copies of their albums.

One of the most popular songs of Kiss is

I Was Made for Lovin ‘You

Let’s enjoy together!


Hard Rock Week * Skid Row


Hello, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed our hard rock week. If so, you will be happy to hear the next song we chose –

18 and Life

True rock fans know that it is being performed by the

Skid Row


If however, you have never heard of them, now is the time to do it!