Gloria Estefan’s Week * Dr Beat *


Gloria Estefan’s week continues with one of her most popular songs.

Dr Beat went to the top of the European dance charts. The song’s popularity prompted CBS to move the group to Epic, a parent label, and inspired group members to write songs in English. The rousing dance number “Conga” became the first single to crack Billboard’s pop, dance, black and Latin charts simultaneously.



Gloria Estefan’s Week * Conga *


Hello, everyone!

Today begins Gloria Estefan’s week! In these 7 days, I will present you 7 of her most popular songs. And the first one is “Conga”!

The singer has sold over 70 million albums during her long career. She has a star in the Alley of Fame and has a bunch of awards. And all fully deserved! Gloria Estefan is the winner of 7 Grammy Awards. And why not? Who has not heard her songs? We all ever danced in tune with the melodic rhythms of the charming latino diva.  Now I leave you to do exactly that!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Gloria Estefan – Conga