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Hello foreigner,

How do you feel today? I wish that you have the most wonderful day of your life today.

I am Svetlana, an elegant and educated girl from Russia. I am a middle-class girl who works as a doctor in one of the pediatric hospitals of Moscow.
You may be surprised when I say that a Doctor is from middle class society.
Yes doctors may not be that rich in Russia when compared to the US or Western Europe,
but we live a decent life and you may say we belong to upper middle class.

Well I like to be straight-forward in life and so I want to tell you that I am in search of my life partner from among foreigners or westerners as
I am deeply fascinated by foreign countries, their culture and languages.
I am in search of a decent and straight-forward gentleman who is fed up of life without a suitable life partner and is bored of solitude just like me
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