The hard work for photomodels

It is not so easy, always smiling and waiting for the photographer and his commands, but Ann and also Yo know how to do this very well – this is the content of the short storyvideo below (pls. just click the 1st image)

Photomodel Ann in the kitchen and listen to the photographers commands – “smile” – “look left” and so on …

Also Yo:

some poses at the aircraft hangar and all with a nice smiling
Photomodel Yo in high heels and a black wetlook legging

Yo try to “take off” at the hangar – in black wetlook legging and high heels and always a nice smiling
and listen to the photographer – commands …
a hard work & well done
Thank you very much, Ann & Yo !

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Ann: Always ready, to do exciting photoseries!

After some tec trouble with a hacked webaccount – Samy’s finest is ready for new articles. First series after the restart is with photomodel and actress Ann with the series “Introduction of the photographer Ann”. Next series with more photomodels are following soon, soon as possible πŸ™‚

Ann’s professional work for Shantal and other publisher as photographer.

Also a blog-header at is with her:

The blog-headers at change automatic with every view …

Donald Troll


For more than a year, Americans were glued to their smartphones as Donald J. Trump tweeted and retweeted misogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic speech. It was not a strategy that any digital campaign expert would ever advise. Often, it felt more like a reality-show stunt than a real campaign.

But it worked …

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us-girl2shantals-shoesSpecial thanks to the models and to the photographers:
PaulShlykov – Andrey_Arkusha and terryleewhite (the three above)
license by fotolia.