The meeting ..

Photomodel AnaC have a meeting with very special ..

Hey AnaC, what’s about a jump, high to the sky for the special ?

Oh yes Shantal, let’s jump !

AnaC’s jump, high to the sky, girlsjump in high heels and black wetlook legging – all 4 the specials of the island ..

The end for the moment, but not the end for the homage to the special ..

Watch Actress Ann as she catwalk for Shantal, while in wetlookleggings and a highboots.


Ann, who is known to be an Artist, photo model, writer and entertainment blog publisher, was found in her highboots and a black wetlookleggings, paying tribute to Shantal by catwalking on the street, holding a sign. Quote on the sign “I Love Shantal”

She is beautiful in her wetlookleggings combined with a highboots.