The big big fight : Kim Dotcom Opposes US’s “Fugitive” Claims at Supreme Court

Never stop a running system : this is not a machine – it’s a man: Kim Dotcom aka Mr. Kimble himself 🙂

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Kim Dotcom Opposes US’s “Fugitive” Claims at Supreme Court

Kim Dotcom – himself (photo bigger from his Twitteraccount)

In an effort to regain control over millions of dollars in seized assets, Kim Dotcom’s legal team has filed a brief at the Supreme Court, countering the US Government’s position. The US uses the fugitive claims as a coercive weapon, which offends due process and fundamental fairness, according to the Megaupload founder.

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Flip flops of the future

The vast majority of innovative clothing and fashion accessories seem to be really absurd, but there are also such inventions for everyday life that will become more and more powerful in the coming years. Probably some of them will be the Nakefit – a model for feet that literally stick to the foot and protect legs from the earth’s surface, on the beach and in any other environment. These flip-flops are designed for any terrain. They are available in a variety of colors, they are waterproof, withstand high temperatures and certainly you can not slipping with them. I personally can not wait to try them out! What about you, what do you think?

Beyonce became the mother of twins


The famous American singer Beyonce gave birth to twins. The names of the children are not yet known, but it is confirmed that the twins are a girl and a boy and that they were born early last week and so far the their famous parents have kept it secret.

In February, Beyonce published a photograph of Instagram, on which was seen that she is pregnant. Then she said she was expecting twins.